2022 KI Senior Show Screening

The work in this screening displays a breadth of media and techniques, including video, hand-drawn and 2D computer animation, stop motion, and 3D computer graphics, with styles ranging from documentary to abstract and experimental. 

KI Senior Screening – Monday, May 2, 4:30 pm at the Byrd Theater (2908 W Cary St).

Participating Artists

Phil Archer

Phil Archer is a mixed-media animator from Yorktown, Virginia; he currently resides in Richmond, VA. He will receive a BFA in Kinetic Imaging with a minor in Art History in May of 2022. His animation features material and technical exploration with emotionally-charged themes; his mixed-media approach incorporates his love of fiber art and sculpture. Archer will pursue a career in stop-motion animation where these skills can flourish. You can find more of his work on his Vimeo page, or on Instagram: @philarcher_art

Reyane Ashtar

Reyane Ashtar is an animator, illustrator, and music composer based in Richmond, Virginia. In 2022, she will graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in Kinetic Imaging. With an intense passion for storytelling, Ashtar creates multiple short films that range from short episodes to longer documentary-like animations. She strives to learn, discover, and spread positive social change and awareness. Thus, her works are heavily influenced by social issues and ultimately aim to inspire others to stand up. https://reyaneashtar.wixsite.com/my-site

Haylee Crow

Haylee Crow is an animator and videographer currently established in Richmond, Virginia. Being a Virginia native born in Virginia Beach, she pursued a degree in Kinetic Imaging with a minor in Mathematics from Virginia Commonwealth University. As an artist, Crow’s work portrays narratives centered around lighthearted children’s media. She focuses on fiction with her animations while creating documentaries with her video work. After college, Crow has plans to enter the corporate children’s animation industry for production and story development. https://www.hayleeacrow.com/

Cate Duckwall

Cate Duckwall (b. 2000) is an interdisciplinary artist currently studying within the department of Kinetic Imaging at VCUarts. Born in Roanoke, Virginia, Duckwall uses mediums such as site specific installations, experimental narratives, and soundscapes to investigate the intersection between memories and distant dreams. While the work may feel like something delicate, it holds depth in which it is a desperate effort to gain an understanding of one’s own identity and the world at large. Through her process, she is constantly analyzing how those ideas close the boundaries between her own past, present, and future. Duckwall is set to graduate in May of 2022. Her work can be found at cateduckwall.com

Christy Fortin

Christy Fortin is an aspiring animator and video game designer from Chesterfield, Virginia. She will graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2023 with a Kinetic Imaging BFA. Her work is inspired by a number of story-based games she has played or seen played and a love of nature, seeking to emulate them with her own new stories. She seeks both to expand her work and to create a community on Twitch, streaming games. Ms. Fortin currently lives and works in Richmond, Virginia.

Anna George

Anna George is a 2D animator from Ashburn, Virginia. She currently lives in Richmond, and is working towards a BFA in Kinetic Imaging. Anna’s work is lighthearted, with an emphasis on making the audience feel a little better than when they first walk in. She mainly works in digital animation, but uses a variety of textures and bright colors to make the work come alive. She hopes to pursue a career in either 2D or 3D animation, and hopes to one day work at Frederator or Adult Swim. You can find her on Youtube under her name, or on instagram at @kalei_scope_art

Menna Hassanain

Menna Hassanain is a 3D animator/generalist born in Newark, New Jersey; and currently resides in Chesterfield, Virginia. She will graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in Kinetic Imaging in 2022. Hassanain’s animations focus on storytelling and world-building, with a touch of her sense of humor. She released her debut short film, Yodel, in 2019, which was officially selected for the film festival First-Time Filmmaker Online Sessions. She plans to pursue a career in 3D animation after graduation, with dreams of joining Pixar’s crew. Find Menna on her Instagram page: @man00ni or website.

Sarah Hawkins

Sarah Hawkins is a traditional animator and artist currently based in Richmond, Virginia. She will graduate with a BFA in Kinetic Imaging in 2022. Her concepts heavily revolve around the analysis of the subconscious, dreams, and memory, and how those can subsequently affect our day to day lives. She primarily works with charcoal and graphite. She is also proficient in adobe suites, ceramics, illustration, painting, and crafts. Sarah’s instagram is @sarrahkinzart

Esther Kim

Esther Kim is a new media artist and animator based in Richmond, Virginia. She was born in South Korea and spent her early years in Thailand. She will graduate in December 2022 with a BFA in Kinetic Imaging program at Virginia Commonwealth University. Esther’s work focuses on storytelling and creating interactive experiences inspired by her cultural background. Her senior project “Chameleon” is an interactive animation about a mixed-race boy who comes to realize that he is different, learns to blend in, and eventually shares his uniqueness with others. Esther is currently working as a 3D Art & Design research assistant at VCU, where she creates 3D humanoid figures for motion capture live performance. Upon graduation, she plans to work in game design or animation film as a storyboard / concept artist. Instagram: @esther__kim and https://www.estherkim.art/

Emma Link

Emma Link (b. 2000) is an artist from Sterling, Virginia who has made work in Richmond, Virginia. She graduates with a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in May of 2022. Link’s work revolves around painting, video, and animation refined and edited in virtual spaces. Most of her animation and video pieces place a focus on nature, mental health, and appearance while using comedic undertones. Her paintings reflect elements of design, linework, and varied realism. Link wants to pursue the arts through her own means and make work based in cosmetology, animation, and painting. You can find her work on Vimeo or Instagram: @linkmyart.

Saiara Mashiat

Saiara Mashiat is a multimedia artist who was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1996, was raised in Louisville, Kentucky, and is now based in Richmond, Virginia, where she is completing a BFA in Kinetic Imaging with a minor in English at Virginia Commonwealth University. Mashiat’s art practice combines her passions for animation, music, poetry, sound design, 3D art, video, and game development. Through her art, she aims to bring the audience into an atmosphere of emotions fueled by introspection, extrospection, and the metaphysical. Mashiat received the 2021 Award of Excellence in Kinetic Imaging, and currently has roles as a Digital Arts Co-Leader at ART 180, a 3D MoCap Research Assistant with VCU Department of Dance and Choreography, and a Media Support Assistant at VCU Department of Kinetic Imaging. saiarartwork.com 

Andrew Perrius

Andrew Perrius is an animator and videographer from Warrenton, Virginia. He will be graduating with a BFA in Kinetic Imaging from Virginia Commonwealth University. His work primarily focuses on sharp visual storytelling, meaningful character acting, and smart worldbuilding. Through narrative shorts and videos, his work presents fictional worlds and scenarios that hold a mirror up to the real world, presenting questions to the viewer about how we live our lives. After graduating he intends to pursue freelance work with the goal of building experience to pitch his own series. You can find him at @anjo_tweet and at his YouTube channel, AnJoTV

Grant Pisner

Grant Pisner (b.1998, Fairfax, Virginia) is a Kinetic Imaging major who will graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University in May 2022. Grant specializes in a variety of mediums such as animation, performance, sound, and primarily video. Grant’s work is a personal and collective journey through memory, fear, self reflection and finding truth even when it isn’t pretty. After graduation Grant plans on moving to New York with his partner Zoë, to try to find work as a video editor. Instagram: @endlesssludge and www.grantpisner.com

Cameron Silva

Cameron is a 2d animator born in Springfield, Massachusetts. He currently resides in Chesterfield, Virginia, and is pursuing a B.F.A. in Kinetic Imaging at VCU. His work is often inspired by various stories and mythologies from around the world. Following graduation, he hopes to find work in the field of 2d digital animation, while also pursuing smaller personal projects on the side. Instagram/ Vimeo: @Silva_Ex_Machina

Dylan Snook

Dylan Snook is a Digital Media Artist from Manassas, Virginia, graduating with a BFA in Kinetic Imaging, his work spans from concept art and effects animation to photography and sound design. No matter the medium, at the heart of all his work is a deep passion for world-building and storytelling with an emphasis on atmospheric detail. Post-graduation he looks forward to further learning, pursuing, and growing his passion, as well as towards working full time in digital art and animation! More of his work can be found on Instagram: @crow_pixels and dylansartbox.com

Indigo Surratt

Indigo is an artist and musician based in Richmond, VA. For their thesis at VCUarts, they are producing an album inspired by Appalachian folk music. This allows the artist to connect with the rich musical heritage from their hometown of Hillsville, VA. They are graduating from VCU with a BFA in Kinetic Imaging with a minor in music. Indigo is currently seeking work in video editing/animation, and plans to perform their music throughout the summer. Indigo keeps their work and updates on Instagram, follow for more: @indigodethanee

Clare Teegarden

Clare Teegarden, born and currently residing in Richmond, Virginia, is a multimedia visual artist with a focus on experimental video and animation. Their work often explores concepts of addiction, loss, family, anatomy, and surveillance, with prevalent aspects of fantasy as well as humor and satire. Teegarden was included in NOFLASH Video Show 2020. IG: @untitledrats  Web: https://teegarden7.myportfolio.com

Harrison Trinder

Harrison Trinder is an animator from Norfolk, Virginia. He will be graduating with a BFA in the Kinetic Imaging program at Virginia Commonwealth University. He is specifically interested in the realm of experimental storytelling. He holds an emphasis in his work on creating a tonal sense of nostalgic horror and magical realism, most commonly through a mix-media aesthetic. After graduation Harrison plans on pressing a graduate degree in New York. His main focus is to pursue freelance work in hopes of one day funding an independent animated film. Harrison is also an avid collector of Californa Raisin figurines. Instagram at @very_bored_kid and youtube channel “Bored Kid”

Baotran Vo

Baotran Vo is a multi-media landscape artist from Vietnam. She will receive her BFA in Kinetic Imaging and a minor in Painting and Printmaking at Virginia Commonwealth University in May 2022. Vo is working across the disciplines of animation, video, virtual reality, sound, coding, painting, and is interested in finding relationships among places interwoven with her memories and current life. Her artworks connect traditional art and emerging technology to enhance the beauty of traditional art in a technology era as well as convey metaphor messages in them. You can find her work at baotranvo.com

Baillie Whittington

Baillie Whittington is an abstract video and sound artist from Warrenton, Virginia. She will be graduating in May 2022 with a BFA in Kinetic Imaging from Virginia Commonwealth University. Baillie’s work exists at the intersection of several mediums including video, sound, animation and 16mm film. Her work has been featured in the MOWNA (Museum of Weird and Newfangled Art). Post-graduation, Baillie plans to move out west and find work in video editing and motion graphics. She hopes to one day become a full time freelance music video artist. You can find her work at @artbybaillie on Instagram and on my website www.baillieportfolio.wixsite.com/portfolio