Individual Studies

Individual Studies

The purpose of KINE 392: Research / Individual Study is to allow a student the opportunity to r​esearch, execute, and present an independent project, under the direction and mentorship of a full-time faculty member. The proposed project must go b​eyond the scope of regular course offerings within Kinetic Imaging and the School of the Arts in general.

To be eligible for an Individual Study, the student should have completed at least two semesters of required coursework in Kinetic Imaging, including KINE 235: Animation I, KINE 236: Introduction to Video, and KINE 237: Sound Communication I, and have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the major. KINE 392: Research / Individual Study is a variable credit from 1-4; it is expected that a student devote at least 40 hours of work for each credit earned, which would mean that 3 credits (most popular) would require at least 120 hours of work, over the course of the semester. M​ay be repeated for a total of 8 credits.

Steps to secure an Individual Study:

  • Meet with the intended faculty mentor to discuss the scope of your proposed project and to obtain verbal approval of their participation.
  • Download and complete the Individual Study Form and then have the intended faculty mentor approve/sign.
  • Submit the completed form to Claire Zitzow, Kinetic Imaging Academic Advisor, in order to obtain an override for the course.

For questions regarding KINE 392: Research / Individual Study, please contact Claire Zitzow at