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Scientific Illustration (Minor)

Minor in scientific illustration

    illustration of owl

    About the Program

    The Minor in Scientific Illustration is for students majoring in biology or environmental sciences with an interest in illustration. This minor was created for two populations:

    • Students who are interested in pursuing graduate study in medical illustration or to become a board-certified medical illustrator. These students should identify early to meet the necessary prerequisites for entry into BIOL 402: Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy.
    • Students interested in bolstering their biology or environmental science degrees with a specialty in creating scientific visual representations for grant applications, research and professional scientific articles.

    In the Department of Communications Arts, you will explore the powerful and timeless relationship between art, narrative and science through drawing. If you are interested in developing the artistic skills and visual communication strategies necessary to effectively present complex and detailed scientific information, this may be the program for you. The scientific illustration minor combines art and design courses, taken alongside science courses, to develop a broad base of scientific understanding and refined artistic aptitude.