We value diversity in all of its forms and support a community in which individuals of different perspectives, life experiences and cultural backgrounds are welcomed.


Holly Price Alford

Director of Inclusion and Equity, VCUarts
Professor, Department of Fashion Design + Merchandising

Pollak Building, Room 528

Office of Diversity and Inclusion at VCUarts

As Director of Inclusion and Equity, I am responsible for helping you find ways to celebrate diversity and assist you should any concerns develop. I work directly with the dean and serve as a liaison to the vice president for inclusive excellence to ensure that diversity of cultures, views and experiences are fostered by the environment of VCUarts and our greater VCU community.

Holly Price Alford

Diversity and Affirmative Action

Diversity creates relationships in which individuals of differing prospective, life experiences and cultural background are welcomed, valued and supported. This means diversity is inclusive of all groups. Affirmative Action is initiated by the federal government to ensure equal opportunity to underrepresented individuals who have historically been denied.

Diversity does not replace Affirmative Action. They work together. Affirmative Action opens the door. Diversity works to change the culture within the organization.

VCUarts Diversity Policy

The VCU School of the Arts believes that art is inclusive. Therefore, this diversity policy establishes that the School of the Arts accepts and welcomes all people by maintaining and celebrating diversity within our student body, faculty and staff.

The School of the Arts provides equal opportunity and prohibits discrimination according to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age and sexual orientation in accord with university policy. To support this policy and to stimulate understanding, the School of the Arts will establish forums to explore diversity in education, arts and design. We believe that to achieve educational excellence, we must value and practice inclusion.