2017 Oscar-winning director Ezra Edelman (‘O.J.: Made in America’) to visit VCU

This Saturday, April 22, following the screening of the last two episodes of “O.J.: Made in America,” Oscar-winning director Ezra Edelman will field questions moderated by Nicolas Forster, visiting lecturer and scholar in the Departments of African American Studies and Film Studies at Yale University.

“Students today do not know O.J. in the same way we understand him or the significance of the trial and the racial climate of America in which that trial took place,” said Teto Elsiddique, instructor in the VCU Department of Painting + Printmaking, who organized the event as part of a class on race and American history built around the film. “This documentary has a lot to do with the present.”

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The event is presented by the VCUarts Inclusion Infusion Initiative in collaboration with the VCU Department of African American Studies in the College of Humanities and SciencesVCU Athletics and the Afrikana Film Festival.


April 19, 2017