Every summer, the Office of Research awards 15 undergrads a total of $3000 to conduct research over a span of 10 weeks with a faculty mentor of their choice. The award is offered through the VCU Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program to undergraduate students and their faculty mentor partners whose research proposals show the greatest potential for learning and discovery. The fellowship is open to all VCU undergrads from every academic discipline, and the funded projects represent a wide array of scholarly interests that exemplify the diversity of our academic community.

On behalf of the Office of Research and the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, please welcome our 2011 ‐ 2012 UROP Summer Fellows:

Ilijana Soldan , an Interior Design major in the School of Arts will partner with Prof. Roberto Ventura on her project, “Historic Socialist Architecture in Modern Interpretation: Nazi Architecture in 21st Century Germany.”

Theresa Aileen Painter, an Arts student majoring in Painting and Printmaking, will work with Ron Johnson on a project that will combine art and engineering to provide a means to represent sound and music in a physical artistic display.

Tobias Wilbur, a Graphic Design major from the School of Arts, will work with two mentors, Meaghan Dee and Prof. Jamie Mahoney, on a project entitled, “Mark and Pattern: A visual reference of Maori Art and Technique.”


August 9, 2011