10 Years of Cinema

This year marks a decade since VCUarts launched the Cinema program. As a part of the school’s diverse range of disciplines, Cinema has distinguished itself with team projects that call on each student’s individual talents, the skills of faculty who work and learn alongside them, and a shared devotion to the craft of filmmaking. Over the years, students and faculty have worked with Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy, shot on location in Norway and expanded the scope of the program into screenwriting. In 2017, MovieMaker counted VCUarts Cinema among the top film schools in the U.S. and Canada for outstanding cinematography training.

2007 | Cinema Program launches. Award-winning filmmaker Rob Tregenza is hired as program director. Professor and Casting Director Anne Chapman joins faculty.

2008 | French writer/director and President of La Femis film school Claude Miller becomes Distinguished Director-in-Residence. Students work on his film Marching Band and collaborate with La Femis students to create multiple short films. Arthur Eng joins the faculty.

2009 | Marching Band premieres, shot in Virginia with Cinema students. Charles Harris first collaborates with students.

2010 | Kirk Kjeldsen joins as assistant professor, teaching screenwriting. First class of Cinema Students graduates. The annual Cinematheque film series has its inaugural season.

2011 | Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln takes on nine alumni and 13 current Cinema students as interns and full-time crew members.

2012 | Cinema’s film “Laila” is screened at the 20th Annual French Film Festival, 19th Annual James River Film Festival and the Salento Film Festival in Italy.

2013 | World-renowned New York Times film critic Dave Kehr visits Cinematheque as guest speaker. Film critic, author and Nonfiction Editor of New England Review at Middlebury College JM Tyree joins faculty. Turn: Washington’s Spies begins filming in Richmond, employing 20 Cinema alumni, current students and faculty.

2014 | Cinema becomes an official member of CILECT, the International Association of Film and Television schools. Director Sara Driver (When Pigs Fly) is the inaugural special guest at Cinematheque. Editor Jochen Kunstler joins the faculty.

2015 | Students shoot adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth with artist-in-residence Angus Macfadyen (TurnBraveheart). Tregenza and Professors Kjeldsen and Eng shoot 35mm feature film Gavagai in Norway. Alumnus Daniel Caporaletti (BA ’12) joins the faculty. Loving is filmed in Richmond, employing 10 Cinema alumni and current students. Imperium is filmed in Richmond and employs five Cinema alumni and current students. Spike Scarberry (BA ’10) creates digital internship for students at Bad Hat Harry.

2016 | Macbeth: Unhinged premieres at 70th Edinburgh International Film Festival. Allie Palmore (BA ’15) creates digital internship for students at Josephson Entertainment.

2017 | Richard Brody reviews Gavagai for The New Yorker. Independent Producer Virginia Bertholet and alumna Yossera Bouchtia (BA ’11; BS ’11) join the faculty. Homeland begins filming in Richmond, employing 22 Cinema alumni and current students.


December 12, 2017