Mixed-Media Exploration

This is a mixed-media course that combines printmaking, metal casting, and sculpture. We will explore new methods of creating art – where the 2D design and 3D approaches collide – and where the line between drawing and sculpture becomes blurred. Through exploration of materials, the students will learn to think conceptually, focusing on personal strength and curiosities to strengthen their portfolio.

The 2D component of the course will investigate traditional and non-traditional methods of printmaking and creating patterns through tessellations. Color theory, design, and composition will be covered.

The 3D component of the course will continue through an investigation of new materials and processes.  Students will fabricate small wax positives, which will then be cast in to metal forms. Students will each have the opportunity to pour a low temperature metal casting.

2D and 3D approaches to creating will collide in the sculpture project where the students will construct a sculpture using cardstock. Construction techniques and various methods of display will be discussed. This type of transformation of the 2D/3D disciplines enhances the discussion of contemporary practices and artists and giving the students necessary skill-set to challenge design, form, structure and idea development.

Most of all, each student will receive one-on-one attention in idea development and will be supervised closely to ensure safety.