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Glassworking, Painting & Sculpture

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This is an inter-disciplinary course to explore the student’s individual concepts and interests that make their work and their portfolios unique. PBS’s Art 21 series will be utilized as a tool to explore contemporary artists and topics, while in the studio the students will be exposed to various methods of designing and creating pieces for their portfolios.

The 2D design portion of the class will investigate some of the traditional and non-traditional methods of image making. Glassworking techniques including working with glass enamel, Xerox transfer of images onto glass, and working with contact paper to create shapes, silhouettes, and stencils.  Also covered are the fundamentals of manipulating sheet glass in the same traditions of stained glass artists. Techniques will include cutting glass using a hand held cutter, grinding glass using a tabletop grinder, and engraving glass using a hand held rotary tool. Glass being a transparent material allows students to work on front and back allowing physical exploration of space through layering and creation of physical depth in their imagery.

Next, students will incorporate a sculptural approach, and will construct a 3-dimensional form using chipboard (thick poster board). The chipboard structure will then become a canvas for their paintings. The transformation of the 2D/3D will enhance the discussion of contemporary practices and giving the students necessary skillset to challenge design, form, and structure.

Color theory, design, and basic sculpting techniques will be covered in the course.

Students will be closely supervised to ensure safety. Class size is capped at 12.

Professor: Sayaka Suzuki, MFA

Originally from Yokohama, Japan, Sayaka Suzuki has spent much of her life hopping around the US until finally taking root in Richmond, VA. In 2000 Suzuki received her BFA in glass sculpture from Tulane University and in 2005 she received an MFA in Craft/Material Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University. She’s been teaching glass casting at VCU for the past seven years.

Her works are exhibited nationwide from group exhibitions that include the Washington Project for the Arts-Corcoran (DC), Maryland Federation of Art, Mesa Contemporary Arts Center (AZ) and exhibitions throughout Canada. Her solo exhibitions include the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art and Pensacola Museum of Art and her works have been published in Art Papers, New Glass Review, and represented in a book 1000 Designs for Creative Reuse by Garth Johnson.  She recently received the “Kiln Caster’s Award” for Bullseye Emerge 2012 where her piece “Harvest Day” was chosen to travel from Portland, San Francisco, and to the New Mexico Museum of Art.