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Mixed Media: Glassworking, Painting & Sculpture



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This is a mixed-media course including painting, glass working and sculpture. The class explores new methods of creating art – where the 2D and 3D approaches collide – where the line between painting and sculpture becomes blurred.

The 2D component of the class will investigate traditional and non-traditional methods of image making with sheet glass (cutting, engraving and grinding) and enameling multiple layers. Glass being a transparent material allows students to create imagery in physical layers creating depth and dimension to their 2D design. Color theory, design and composition will be explored.

This incorporation of a 3D approach in 2D disciple will continue in the sculpture project where the students will construct a form using cardboard. The sculpture will then become a canvas for their paintings. Construction techniques and various methods of display will be discussed. This type of transformation of the 2D/3D disciplines enhances the discussion of contemporary practices and artists, and gives the students necessary skill set to challenge design, form, structure and idea development.

Most of all, each student will receive one-on-one attention in idea development and their work to strengthen their portfolio through voicing their curiosities.
Students will be closely supervised to ensure safety. Class size is capped at 12.

Note:This class does not include glassblowing.

What others have said about this class:
-“Sayaka is an absolutely oustanding professor. She offers advice and answers questions in a way that still allows us to problem solve in our own way.”
-“I really enjoyed this class so much. Sayaka and Michaela definitely shaped this class so that our experiences were positive.”
-“Sayaka created an environment that challenged my views of my art, and for that I am very grateful.”
-“Best art teacher I’ve ever had.”
-“This class was fun because it was small and the professor could have a lot of one-on-one time with me. Very helpful and knowledgeable.”
-“Sayaka, you are amazing and totally motivated me to work on my concepts and craftsmanship. You really pushed me in ways other art teachers never had and I have a completely new outlook on what art can be. Thank you so much for everything.”

Professor: Sayaka Suzuki, MFA

Originally from Yokohama, Japan, Sayaka Suzuki has spent much of her life hopping around the US until finally taking root in Richmond, VA. In 2000 Suzuki received her BFA in glass sculpture from Tulane University and in 2005 she received an MFA in Craft/Material Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University. She’s been teaching glass casting at VCU for the past seven years.

Her works are exhibited nationwide from group exhibitions that include the Washington Project for the Arts-Corcoran (DC), Maryland Federation of Art, Mesa Contemporary Arts Center (AZ) and exhibitions throughout Canada. Her solo exhibitions include the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art and Pensacola Museum of Art and her works have been published in Art Papers, New Glass Review, and represented in a book 1000 Designs for Creative Reuse by Garth Johnson.  She recently received the “Kiln Caster’s Award” for Bullseye Emerge 2012 where her piece “Harvest Day” was chosen to travel from Portland, San Francisco, and to the New Mexico Museum of Art.