VCUarts is ranked #1 among public art schools by US News & World Report



Student safety and security are top priorities at VCU. We are very pleased to report that 2015 Intensive participants were asked on their program evaluations to rate how safe they felt while on campus. The rating scale ranged from 1 which meant “Totally Safe” to 4 which meant “Completely Unsafe.” The students’ average rating was 1.2 which fell between “Totally Safe” and “Above Average.”

VCU has one of the largest and best campus police forces in America. VCU is patrolled on foot, on bicycles, on scooters, and via automobiles by highly-responsive Campus Police 24-hours a day and provides a safe, well-lighted environment. Well trained counselors escort residential students everywhere they go – to and from all meals, classes and all activities. Unless accompanied by program staff, it is expected that students stay within the confines of the VCU campus at all times.

Entrance to the residence hall requires an electronic key card and passage by a security desk that is staffed by security guards around the clock. The front door is the only way to enter and exit the building. The VCU Police monitor dorm access and exit according to student card key swipes. Students found entering or exiting the building after curfew will be dismissed from the program immediately.

Residential students may check in on Sunday, July 10th between noon and 3 pm. If your child is arriving by bus, train or plane please schedule his or her travel to arrive between noon and 3 pm. We will meet students at the station or the airport, and transport them to the residence hall. Accepted students will receive a travel form to complete which details their travel plans.

Those arriving via automobile, please park your car briefly (just long enough to unload) in front of the residence hall. Then move your car to a parking deck you are instructed to use to make way for others. Parents may stay long enough to get students settled in their rooms, and then they are free to leave. The picnic and orientation session are strictly for the participants.

The students’ counselors will greet you, and later escort students on a campus tour and then to dinner. Sunday evening all students will have a mandatory orientation session at 6 pm.

Check out will take place on July 29th between 11:00 am and 12:30 pm.

On the weekends, students may either go home for the weekend or take part in Art Adventure Weekend activities. These activities involve 4-hour classes on Saturday and Sunday from 12:15 – 4:15 pm. Past class offerings have included Introduction to Creating Artists Books, Introduction to Jewelry Making, Introduction to Typography, Video Game Design, Screen Play Writing, etc. Weekend class offerings will be available in early March.

When assigning roommates, every effort is made to match students attending the same course of study, and having similar dorm preferences. Female students are housed on separate floors from males. Accepted students will be asked to complete and return a questionnaire regarding roommate preferences.