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Tuition + Fees

2015 Summer Intensive Tuition and Fees:

Residential participants: $3,000 (includes a double room and all meals)
Commuting participants: $2,450 (includes lunch and dinner each weekday)

Parking: Students who bring a vehicle will be required to pay for parking in advance. The cost for parking will be $65 for the three weeks.

  1. Fees do not include Weekend Art Adventures on both weekends. After being accepted into the Intensive, students will receive information regarding selecting their Weekend Art Adventure preferences and applicable fees. Fees are $50 for 8 hours of instruction per weekend.

  3. There will also be supplies that need to be purchased for all of the classes ESPECIALLY for the Drawing, Sculpture and Painting courses. Some of these supplies students may already have on hand.
  4. Fees also do not include shipping art work home.