Rotem Tamir’s new sculptural installation

MFA alumna Rotem Tamir’s new sculptural installation will be shown on Wednesday, April 20th at 5pm.

The Periplanómenos Whistles

Wednesday, April 20th, 5pm

Demonstration and music performance, 5:30 pm

East side of University Auditorium

University of Florida

The Periplanómenos Whistles is a sculptural installation that consists of three colorful wooden columns, each about 12 feet high. At the foot of each column is a concrete base, each is of a different design that relates both to architectural staircases and platforms as well as to traditional display pedestals. A closer look reveals a red mouthpiece parallel to an opening, located on various heights in each column. This, along with the title of the piece, indicates that the columns are in fact functional instruments that can produce sound.