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Elizabeth King; Compass

Elizabeth King (Professor Emeritus) will be featured in a solo exhibition, Compass, at Danese/Corey in New York. The exhibition’s opening reception is Thursday, September 10th, and the show runs until October 10th, 2015.

King’s new website, designed by Judith Hudson and built by Cody Whitby, has also been unveiled: thesizesofthings.com

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 10, 6-8 p.m.
September 11 – October 10, 2015
Danese Corey
511 W 22 Street
New York, NY 10011

Els Jardins Inquiets / The Restless Gardens

unnamed (6)Els Jardins Inquiets / The Restless Gardens, curated by Ester Partegàs, opens June 13th and runs till October 11th, 2015, at the Centre d’Art La Panera in Lleida, Spain.

Centre d’Art La Panera
Pl. de la Panera, 2
25002 Lleida, SPAIN

Star! Star! Star! Circle!

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Rooftop, International House of Japan
Date: Saturday, July 25, 2015
Time: 6:00 – 9:30pm
11 Sessions, beginning every 20 minutes
Limited to 9 persons per session / Duration: 10 min.
Reservations strongly recommended
Recommended age: adults and young adults http://www.i-house.or.jp/eng/programs/af20150425g/

Join us after dark on the rooftop of the I-House, for George Ferrandi’s Star!Star!Star!Circle! – an experience that is somewhere between a celestial bed-time story and a séance. Through carefully synchronized headsets, 9 participants at a time will become both quiet listeners and stellar performers in a 10-minute narrative experiment centered on dramatic changes in the night sky.

Co-sponsored by the Japan-US Friendship Commission
www.i-house.or.jp(The International House of Japan)

International House of Japan
5-11-16 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-3470-4611

VCUarts 2014-15 Fountainhead Fellows’ Exhibition


Irvin Morazan, 2014-15 Fountainhead Fellow in Sculpture
Emmy Thelander, 2014-15 Fountainhead Fellow in Painting

April 10 – May 30, 2015

Opening reception for the artists: Friday, April 10, 7 – 9 pm

Reynolds Gallery
1514 West Main Street
Richmond, Virginia






Ester Partegás

Wednesday, April 1 – Sunday, May 17, 2015

Opening March 31, 2015 at 7:30pm. Free admission.

La Capella
Hospital, 56
08001 Barcelona
Tel 934 427 171


Cabin Fever

1708 Gallery’s Annual Art Auction



Tom Chenoweth – MFA 1976 / Morgan Herrin – BFA 2002 / Matt King – Acting Chair / Matt Lively – BFA 1993 / Chris Mahonski – MFA 2009 / Matt Spahr – MFA 2006 / Robert Walz – BFA 2005



John B. Ravenal
Executive Director of deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum
Former Sydney and Frances Lewis Family Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art


SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2015, 7 TO 10 P.M.
1708 GALLERY, 319 W. BROAD ST.

black tie or artful dress

Join us for an evening of food, drink, and enthusiastic bidding!
Proceeds support 1708 Gallery’s 36th year of presenting exceptional new art.

CABIN FEVER will include Live and Silent Art Auctions with works by an outstanding group of artists and will feature a special selection of works by LA-based artist Kristin Calabrese. In addition 1708 will offer a limited edition Cabin Fever letterpress print designed by Nashville’s legendary Hatch Show Print Shop. Auction artwork will be on view at 1708 Gallery from Friday, February 13 through Saturday, February 21. Please visit www.1708gallery.org for more information.


Pam Anderson Sutherland Nicole Andreoni Katie Baines Andras Bality Paloma Barhaugh-Bordas Tenley Beazley Brad Birchett Karen Blair Genesis Chapman Tom Chenoweth Suzanna Fields Bill Fisher Travis Fullerton Ed Gross Harrison Haynes Kathryn Henry-Choisser Morgan Herrin Brooke Inman Susan Jamison Rosemary Jesionowski Matt King Aaron Koehn Andrew Kozlowski Michael Lease Matt Lively Sharon Madanes Christopher Mahonski Anthony Meloro Sarah Rebekah Byrd Mizer Brittany Nelson Amie Oliver Michael Birch-Pierce Justin James Reed Charlotte Rodenberg Eleanor Rufty Paul Ryan Alyssa Salomon Mary Scurlock Jon Sheridan Ben Sloat Matt Spahr Gordon Stettinius Georgianne Stinnett Leigh Suggs Javier Tapia Randy Toy Ed Trask Kendra Wadsworth Robert Walz Erin Willett Willie Anne Wright Sarah Yoder

ADA Gallery Presents: “You Can’t Go Home Again”

ADA Gallery Presents: George Terry–BFA 2006 (Featuring George Ferrandi–BFA 1994 and Katrina Fimmel–BFA 1994): “You Can’t Go Home” and/ Sarah Bednarek–MFA 2005–”Symmetryyrtemmys”

Opening Feb. 6 from 7-9pm and runs through March 7th.

I am very excited to announce the exhibition of “You Can’t Go Home”. An interview project, with artists in their homes, in fog. The video installation speaks about home and where/how it exists for artists living in New York City.
Threads of subject matter oscillate between murky-grey areas of discussion in a similar manner to the way the word “home” itself transforms meaning.
“Home” can time travel in a single paragraph, often referring to a place that existed in the past when we look back to a point of origin, the present when we think of where we currently “hang our hat,” and to the future when we dream of the home we one day hope to inhabit. The word connotes geography, architecture, people, and an accumulation of experiences.
New York City seems to magnify a conflict of “home.” Home tends to shift, change and vanish at times anywhere one lives, but in New York it can happen with a harsh frequency. Artists in this city come from vastly different backgrounds and locations, and home can manifest in a vaporous, paradoxical way.

Artists interviewed include:
Kendel Bennett
Tudy Benson
Brent Blalock
Justin Cooper
Esteban Del Valle
Dan Estabrook
George Ferrandi
Katrina Fimmel

Gabriela Galvan
Gigi Gatewood
Rebecca Heller
JR Larson
Shaun Leonardo
Esperanza Mayobre
Sunita Prassad
Andrew Ross
Gabriela Salazar
Adam Parker Smith
Bryan Zanisnik

Thank you to John Pollard and ADA Gallery in Richmond, Virginia.

*On view in conjunction with Kirsten Kindler & Sarah Bednarek:
opens Friday Feb. 6, 2015 (7-9pm)

My very best,
George Terry

Elizabeth King, “Beautiful Beast”


1708 Gallery, “Assembler”


Join 1708 Gallery for “Assembler”, a night of conversation about our current exhibition, “Super / Natural”, on Monday, February 2, 2015. A facilitator will lead a group discussion with the audience starting with basic questions as a way to create a dialogue about the art on view. From here, participants work together to assemble the meaning of the art work shown in the gallery. Michael Jones McKean, artist and Associate Professor at VCU’s Dept. of Sculpture and Extended Media, will be facilitating the discussion.

“Super / Natural”, the exhibition we’ll be discussing, features work by Derek Coté, Adam Farcus, Christopher Mahonski, Liz Rodda, and Stephanie Roland. Themes of alchemy and magic, science fiction and new age spiritualism play across the works of these 5 artists. More information about “Super / Natural”, can be found at www.1708gallery.org.

“Assembler” is FREE and open to all ages. Doors open at 5:30 pm and the discussion begins at 6:00 pm. Please RSVP to Gallery Coordinator Janelle Proulx at jproulx@1708gallery.com.

Myron Helfgott – Retrospective at Anderson Gallery



Myron Helfgott: An Inventory of My Thoughts

January 16-March 8, 2015
Opening Friday, January 16, 5-8 pm

Trying to harness the diverse content and materials in these sculptures is like trying to organize debris at a picnic on a windy day.
– Myron Helfgott

Presenting over 50 works, including several room-size installations, this retrospective covers nearly 45 years of production and fills all three floors of the Gallery. It is curated by Director Ashley Kistler, who has worked closely with the artist over the last two years to develop the exhibition.

A native Chicagoan, Helfgott (Professor Emeritus) joined the faculty of the VCUarts Department of Sculpture in 1968. He has since been a creative mainstay of the Richmond arts community, while also exhibiting at numerous venues beyond the region. In the aftermath of his retirement from teaching in 2003, Helfgott’s activity in the studio has continued unabated. Organized thematically, the exhibition combines new and recent works from this enormously productive period with significant pieces from over the decades, including sculptures he made not long after arriving in Richmond.

Helfgott has always conceived sculpture as a flexible and inclusive activity, capable of accommodating diverse materials, objects, approaches, ideas, and collaborations. “This gives his work a vitality and depth that is fresh, edgy, and often badly behaved,” observes VCUarts Dean Joe Seipel. “Its underlying mischievous and subversive character keeps the viewer engaged with complex issues and imagery.”

As an undergraduate, Helfgott studied architecture and design at the University of Illinois and Southern Illinois University before completing his MFA in sculpture at SIU. In the late 1950s and early 60s, studies with the visionary architect R. Buckminster Fuller instilled in him a lifelong interest in physical structure, apparent today in the meticulously made plywood armatures of his sculptures.

At the same time, Helfgott’s exposure to Gestalt psychology shaped other enduring aspects of his work, including his concept of the viewer’s participatory role and the psychological self-portrait, which reappears in different guises through the years, often in a fragmented state. As a young artist, he was also intent on incorporating in sculpture the figure-ground relationship and pictorial space of painting, a concern reflected more recently in his manipulation of photographs into three-dimensional components.

During the 2000s, deeply influenced by literature and film, Helfgott introduced the element of time by first adding kinetics and then audio to his work–the latter based mostly on his own texts whose wide-ranging existential musings are full of humor, wit, and pathos. “The challenge and rewards of an open-ended process draws Helfgott back into the studio each day,” notes Kistler, “not only in terms of material experimentation, but also for the meaningful self-discovery that is gleaned in the making.”

Published by the Anderson Gallery, and funded by generous contributions from individuals and the Dean’s Office, a fully illustrated catalogue will accompany the exhibition. It will include a foreword by Seipel, essays by Kistler and VCU Professor Emeritus of Art History Howard Risatti, a story by fiction writer and critic Dinah Ryan, a comprehensive biography by Gallery Coordinator Tracy Garland, and additional contributions from sculptors Elizabeth King and Lester Van Winkle, editor Mary Flinn, and poet Elizabeth Seydel Morgan.