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Undergraduate Student Research Grant Application

Deadline: Submit your application online by Monday, November 25th – this is an extended deadline.

Eligibility: Please note that all applicants must be graduating after December 2014 in order to be eligible to receive an undergraduate research grant.

Dean's Undergraduate Research Grants

Our Undergraduate Research Grants encourage curiosity, creativity, risk-taking and scholarly investigation into a project or subject of interest relevant to the student’s major. So far over $150,000 has been awarded to support research that: 1) is interdisciplinary, 2) involves multiple students, and 3) draws on the expertise of a faculty mentor.
  • This individual will serve as the primary point of contact for the grant.
  • Please list all other team members. Include first name and last name as well as the major department of each.
  • In no more than 4 sentences, summarize your proposed project. If awarded, this text will be used for announcing your grant on our website.
  • In no more than 2 pages describe your project, particularly the connection between the project and the curriculum, the anticipated outcome of the project, and the value of the research/creative activity in the discipline. Submit your Project Narrative attachment in PDF format. (You may for example, create your document in Microsoft Word and save as a PDF before attaching.)
  • Using the template provided here download and complete the project timeline spreadsheet, which requires you to enter key project activities, a brief description of these activities, and associated dates. We need a firm deadline for your project, and would you like you to provide your best guest of when other activities will take place. Submit your Timeline attached in PDF format.
  • Using the template provided here download and complete the spreadsheet of all assumed costs of your proposed project. After you have completed your budget, upload it into this section of your application. Submit your Budget attachment in PDF format.
  • Please list any other faculty mentors. Include first name and last name as well as the department of each.

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