Haverford College Atrium Gallery Features MFA Alum

Vita Litvak, a 2008 MFA VCU Photography and Film Alumus is a current assistant professor at Haverford College.

Litvak will have an exhibition of her photos at the Haverford College Atrium Gallery on Febuary 7th called Я Подарю Тебе Мир (I Will Give You the World) and Other Promises from Transnistria. This exhibition features photos from that trip that depict both a physical place and a personal space full of memories. Litvak focuses her work on “political monuments and crumbling apartment blocks from the Soviet era. ”Through a carefully sequenced installation of her photographs, the depiction of Tiraspol and its surrounding suburbs is transformed into a metaphor for a region full of contradictions as Litvak has experienced it.”