Undergraduate Zoë Dehmer in South Africa

Undergraduate photography major Zoë Dehmer is traveling to South Africa where she will be living for a month with a group of five VCU graduate students and a professor from VCU’s Graduate School of Social and Behavioral Health. The project is stationed in Durban where the group of students will conduct community engaged research in the Kenneth Gardens Public Housing Community. Based on previous work Zoë had conducted with the School of Social and Behavioral Health, she was asked to join the research group to document their experience, conduct video interviews with community members and manage all digital media for the trip.

Part of this trip was funded by a $50,000 international travel grant for service learning that the group earned while documenting women’s stories from the Whitcomb public housing unit in Richmond, Virginia.

Zoë will be keeping an updated blog throughout her trip that will be active with journal entries of her experience as well as images from the various communities. This blog can be subscribed to, through email, so viewers can remain updated on her travels. HERE

In addition Zoë will be keeping a personal blog with pictures of the city of Durban along with a collection of her experiences and findings while in South Africa. HERE

More of Zoë’s work HERE