Ruiqi Zhang

This piece of work is a reflection of a period of my life in Beijing. In that time I always take records by my phone. One day occasional, I go to the supermarket to buy something, I find a really interesting thing that an old man shouts to my apartment with a voice tube rolled by the paper flyer. He lost his walking stick and trying to find it back. He imagines all the residents living in the building took his stick away. And use this special method to converse the resident to find his stick back. Before this event, I noticed he is a little strange or probably with Senile Dementia because one day I came home very late he passed by and asked me “do you remember what is my name?”. But I also think he is so cute and lovely. So I filmed it and use the elements what I recorded surrounding in around two months, to create a video work.

And this work also inspired with Laure Prouvost’s video work and “hot&cold media” theory in Arthur Asa Berger’s book, <Seeing is Believing>. I try to give up the linear narrativity way to make a video, as well as the high quality of the image in the video.