KI Front Desk/Administrative Assistant

No of Openings: 4-6
Work Schedule: weekly
Hours per Week: 5-10
Compensation: Paid
Hourly Rate or Annual Rate: Hourly


Front Desk / Administrative Assistants are responsible for all front desk activities, including greeting and directing all visitors; fielding incoming department emails and telephone calls; picking up, sorting, and distributing mail; and performing basic clerical tasks, such as word processing, data entry, scanning, and filing. Employees in this position may also be required to assist with equipment checkout, social media, and communications outreach.

In addition, the Front Desk / Administrative Assistants will perform various office support tasks for the Chair, Assistant Chair, and Communications Manager, and will handle special administrative projects as assigned.

Qualifications: All Applicants –

Must have been awarded / qualify for Federal Work Study.

Should display strong writing skills, have a positive and attentive attitude, trustworthy disposition, positive social abilities, and have strong communications skills. Applicants should be punctual, attentive at all times and must have adequate organization skills as well as attention to detail.

Should have a firm knowledge of Microsoft Office, particularly Excel, Google Drive and its related apps, proficient email capabilities, strong communication skills, creative personality and be open to change. Knowledge of Adobe software and social media is advantageous.

How to Apply:

Send a current resume and one paragraph cover letter to Stephanie Thulin at