‘Jitney’ hits Broadway with the help of VCU Theatre

From left, Keith Randolph Smith, Anthony Chisholm, Harvy Blanks, Michael Potts, Brandon J. Dirden and André Holland in August Wilson’s “Jitney,” at the Samuel J. Friedman Theater. Photo 
Credit: Sara Krulwich/The New York Times

The costumes seen above were created by VCU Theatre Associate Professor Toni-Leslie James and her team of alumni, assistant Michael Magaraci (B.F.A. ’12) and illustrator Gloria Kim (B.F.A ’12).

Every person we meet has a story that forces us to refocus and rethink first impressions, to see the layers beneath the flashy or shabby suits. (The fabulous, time-tripping 1970s costumes are by Toni-Leslie James.)

See photos and read a review of the show on the New York Times.


January 26, 2017