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Richmond’s Style Weekly recently did an article on the VCU Dance faculty members and their goals for the department. Check it out by clicking here!

Photo by Sarah Ferguson
Photo by Sarah Ferguson


We at The Grace Street Theater are pleased to announce the official Fall 2012 Cinematheque line up! We have a strong list of nine films that will be showing on various Tuesday nights throughout the semester at 7pm with free admission.

The Cinematheque selection is going to be shown as followed:

8/28: “Kid With a Bike” (2011) Directed by Jean-Pierre Dardenne

9/4:  “Silence Before Bach” (2007) Directed by  Pere Portabella

9/11: “Elena” (2011) Directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev

9/18: “Once Upon a Time in Anatolia” (2011) Directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan

9/25: “Silent Souls” (2010) Directed by Aleksei Fedorchenko

10/16: “Punishment Park” (1971) Directed by Peter Watkins

10/23: “Tropical Malady” (2004) Directed By Apichatpong Weerasethakul

11/20: “The Arc” (1991) Directed By Rob Tregenza

11/27: “Oslo” (2011) Directed by  Joachim Trier

12/4: “Revanche” (2008) Directed by Götz Spielmann

Hello everyone! We at the Grace Street Theater would like to welcome everyone back to our lovely VCU campus after a gorgeous spring break in Richmond. In years past, given our spring break is in mid March, VCU has not seen suck a beautiful, warm spring break as we did this past week.

How did you spend your spring break? Did you go out of the country? Perhaps hitting the books for an upcoming midterm? Or went to Belle Isle for a picnic? Given this is my last semester here at VCU, I caught up on sleep and ate junk food in every way possible. The seventy degree weather all week long left me to enjoy it in all its beauty and I spent most of my days outdoors or with windows opened while I worked in the studio.

Spring break officially marks the half way point of our semester but we still have a lot of amazing lectures and dance shows coming up soon at the Grace Street Theater. Please continue to check back with our site because we are always updating on new Cinematheque series and other great surprises! Cheers to a wonderful semester so far and once again, the amazing weather we have been pampered with these past few weeks.

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Hello Grace Street Theater fans, friends, and family!

As it has become more apparent now, I noticed that I spring into how food products metaphorically resemble every day encounters here.

Today at our Grace Street Theater, I was eating a Hershey’s mini chocolate bar while Le was listening to Jimmy Buffet’s “Cheeseburger in Paradise” inside the theater testing lights for our upcoming show.  At this very moment, regardless of the hussel and bussle of Richmond that is wrapped around our venue, everything just seemed to be put on pause.


Indulging in a chocolate bar given to someone can make me giddy regardless of the day’s agenda. However, indulging in a chocolate bar while dancing and singing to Jimmy Buffet has to be by far one of the funnest experiences I have had here.

There are always surprises, laughs and heartfelt moments at our theater and I know I wouldn’t have it any other way.

From the bottom of my heart swimming in chocolate, Happy Valentine’s Day from our family to yours.

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The Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Dance and Choreography will present DIVERGENCE, the 2012 Student Concert, Friday & Saturday, January 27 & 28 at 8:00pm at The Grace Street Theater.

Tickets are $15 and $10 for students with a valid I.D. and are available now at or by calling 804-828-2020.

DIVERGENCE will feature new work choreographed, performed and curated by VCU dance majors. Choreographers include Rachel Brady, Julius Elegido, Charles Goodall, AJ Guevara, Kamali Hill, Rachel Landrum, Johnnie Mercer, Adrianna Oden, and Rachel Rinehardt.

You can find this event as well on Facebook at:


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Norman Rockwell "Freedom From Want" 1943

With a short week for students here at Virginia Commonwealth University, we will end it with our Thanksgiving Day celebration. Turkey. Stuffing. Sweater Weather. Old Family Traditions. What are you thankful for this year?

This year, I am thankful for many things:

1. My amazing sister, Jessica Louise Langford.

My big sister has been my best friend through everything I have encountered. Whether I am having a stressful day or I simply want to call her and ask what I should bake today, she is there. I am honored to be a little sister!

2. My wonderful job here at The Grace Street Theater.

Speaking from the heart, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve encountered so many talented, thoughtful, and unique people here at the theater both employees and attendees.

I appreciate every day that I can wake up and look forward to coming to work each morning and that means a lot to me.

3. My father and mentor, David Edward Langford.

I am honored to say if I am ever in doubt of something I always ask what would my dad do in this situation. If  I ever need advice, he is the first man to ask and he will give you a heart to heart answer. Every chance I get, I give him a hug. Not just any hug, but a hug from the heart.

4. Pork Barbeque Sandwiches

A good cooked pulled pork bbq sandwiched topped with a crunchy cole slaw are the best. If my stomach could encounter one every day, I would be in paradise. I am truly a hardcore meat eater.

5. Memories

I am thankful for the concept of memories. Memories bring reflection and enlightenment to anybody’s life. Many things have entered my life recently and many have departed and yet I know that life is always shedding its skin and breathing new air at every turn.

Be thankful for the experiences that you encounter and appreciate the things you have around you, like family, friends, health, a roof over your head and a stomach full of turkey and stuffing. Grab your favorite blanket, watch the Thanksgiving Day parade and remember to give thanks during this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends and family of The Grace Street Theater.

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“In this universe, where the least things control the greatest, where the faintest breath that breathes can move a world.”

-Wordsworth, William

Yesterday, was the first day of the fall semester that it has been cold enough out to see my breath. This is significant. Why you ask? Because everything goes hand in hand with this event.

#1. The leaves have reached their “breath- taking” color peak.  (You see where I’m going with this? ) If you get the opportunity within the next week or so, check out a rural neighborhood or even our Virginia’s Blue Ridge Parkway about an hour and a half from our VCU Campus. Around this time each year, our trees are full of color and are a remarkable site that shows the extraordinary beauty of autumn.

#2. Seeing our breathe tells our belly that it is officially hot cocoa season. I tell you what, I love some hot cocoa on a cold day with some large gooey marshmallows. It makes your belly smile which makes you smile and makes your day smile even though it’s its cold enough outside to see your breathe. So cheers to a great cup of cocoa whether your studying for a big exam or socializing with a great group of roommates. It makes the world go around, you know.

#3. If you see your breath, it officially declares it scarf season. Scarves bring loads of warmth and fashion but most of all their the greatest cuddle bugs. They are great at multitasking on these cold days. They’ll curl around your neck or even double up as a little blanket to keep those toes warm. Therefore, they are always by your side in the coldest of days, keeping you warm and cozy.

#4. Our breathe tells us that the winter season is just around the corner. November begins in exactly one week and the next thing we know, the weather man will declare our first snow extravaganza. Fuzzy mittens, knitted hats and sumo jackets will be in use just a couple months from now, so go out and enjoy the last month of our autumn season.

Furthermore, lets look forward to these days where we can wrap up in our favorite sweater, grab your favorite animal mug and fill it with some delicious hot cocoa and take a trip to see the beauty of the Virginian mountains. Remember, seeing your breathe is just the beginning.


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Amelia Langford

Can you believe we have half of the 2011 fall season in the history books already? Whew! What an exciting, eventful one it has become and many more to end our season with a BANG! As your studying your busy, bee brains off during your upcoming midterms, take a break, and revive those hardworking minds and fingers with the amazing power of our historical Grace Street Theater!

We have several, wonderful shows coming up here at the theater, such as Whiskey & Elephants performed by the lovely, Charli Brissey and The Maeko Film Project on October 15th at 7pm. ” This event will show work by three VCU Dance Alumni – Charli Brissey, Felix Cruz, and Megan Harrold (also featuring Melodie Fais, Katie Dean, and Erin Dalton, and Jessica Cowherd) – with the special musical brilliance of Charlie Rauh and Janel Leppin Richmond based choreographer/videographer Charli Brissey will be presenting the Richmond premiere of Weight, a 40-minute video-dance inspired by the novel by Jeannette Winterson. Weight aims to create a modern day adaptation of the myth of Atlas holding up the world while exploring the distinctions of burdens and dreams by venturing through the surreal landscape of the human heart and psyche.

Brissey will also presenting a new duet, A’ Darwin, in which two seemingly newborn beings create a response to Charles Darwin on the grueling processes of adjustment and evolution. Joining in the show will be guest artists Megan Harrold, from Brooklyn, NY, and Felix Cruz, from Richmond, Va. Both artists will be presenting their own unique and exquisite choreography created within the past year, rounding the show out to produce a smorgasbord of live music, fervent lip-synching, dancing, laughing, crawling, hugging, bathing, and whiskey drinking, just to name a few. ”

Tickets are $15 general admission and $5 students. Cash and check at the door or purchase online at

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Good Afternoon Everyone!

Quote of the Day:

“Listen!  the wind is rising,
and the air is wild with leaves,
We have had our summer evenings,
now for October eves!”
–  Humbert Wolfe 

Today is officially the first day of October and feels like autumn has landed and has decided to stay.  Time to crack open grandmother’s old chest or take a visit into your attic for it is time for sweater weather! Who’s excited to bundle up, drink hot cocoa, and play in the leaves? I’ve been for weeks now. We have a lot of wonderful shows during this fall season, so wrap up in your favorite autumn attire, grab your friends and come join us at our wonderful Grace Street Theater!

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Big week here at Grace Street.  Our first ticketed event, Yes – VA Dance, is this weekend (3PM and again at 8PM) and I hear talk of the office getting some new computers.  Jill just got a tracking number for our new computers, and apparently, they should be here before the end of the week!  Also, that event I just mentioned, Yes – VA Dance, will be my first event here at Grace Street.  I’m excited to see how it goes.

Posted by: Will Moran