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  • To support an environment where teachers can teach and where students can learn.
  • To implement the technology decisions of your department.
  • To provide the highest level of service in the areas of deployment, maintenance, and support.
  • To enable and ensure compliance with state and university policies, guidelines, and standards.
  • To ensure compliance with software licensing.
  • To maintain a comprehensive inventory of relevant technology assets, with a goal of providing accurate life–cycle reporting to both the departments, and the Office of the Dean.
  • To advise departments in specifying software and hardware for purchase, with a goal of ensuring compatibility with VCUarts support standards.


Purchasing (2013-10-02)

In order for the School of the Arts to maintain a competitive computing environment; as well as comply with university computing policies, standards, and guidelines; a policy of one computer per faculty or staff member is established; so as to maintain software licensing and hardware life-cycle replacement costs at a reasonable level.

Purchasing (2012-10-19)

The Provost Office has directed the Office of the Dean to instruct all VCUarts departments that all major technology purchases, including cloud-based services, must be reviewed by the VCUarts Technology Support Staff for compliance with university policies, standards, and guidelines, as well as compatibility with existing university technologies.

If you are investigating the purchase of a major technology for your department, then please contact Dan Grenier, Director of Technology Support at or (804) 827-1251, before proceeding with purchasing.

Technology Support Help Line

If you are having trouble submitting a help request, or if it is a time sensitive emergency, please use this number to contact VCUarts Technology Support staff directly.

(804) 828-7045

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VCU Technology Policies, Guidelines & Standards

These documents govern the use of computing resources throughout the university, including within the School of the Arts.

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