The Department of Communication Arts’ mission is the study and exploration of the qualities, disciplines and technologies that enable students to create and communicate with insight, vision and voice. Students develop visual solutions using a variety of media such as drawing, painting, digital imaging, animation, photography, and typography for the production of illustrations, designs, concept pieces, games, gallery exhibitions and computer animation through emerging technologies. The study of communication arts also entails a solid understanding of the relationship between image and text. The field is rooted in drawing and other forms of applied imagery that work in conjunction with language. The study of the theory and history of communication arts is integral to the development of a communication artist who finds solutions through critical thinking. The Department of Communication Arts fosters a level of research and professional activity essential to the professional growth of the faculty. The department is committed to enhancing diversity among its faculty, staff, and students. The department faculty have a responsibility to provide service to their profession and to the university community. Communication Arts has a rich history that is firmly rooted in drawing, painting, design and print media. It is a discipline that is being expanded by powerful new tools and technologies. Visual Studies encompass studio, historical, conceptual and theoretical issues that analyze and explore image, media, content and context.

Below is a selection of downloadable mission statement posters by faculty, staff and alumni.

Mission Statement 2a
By Robert Meganck
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By Bizhan Khodabandeh
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