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Mar 2013 20



Tuesday night and the Grace Street Theater is packed. The Richmond community got to share in a very special experience with Richmond native Michael Gottwald, producer of the four-time Academy Award nominated film, “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” Gottwald shared some first hand accounts of what it was like working with Behn Zeitlin, the director and co-writer, on a film fueled entirely by the desire to tell a story.

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The film was shot on location in Louisiana, crewed largely in part by Court 13, a creative collected formed by Zeitlin and Gottwald along with their colleagues from Wesleyan University shortly after graduating. Court 13 put out Zeitlin’s first film, a short called “Glory at Sea,” which significantly paved the path for Beasts of the Southern Wild on both a creative and financial level. “Short films are one of two things. They’re incredible experience builders,” Gottwald explained during a guest lecture with the senior Cinema class; “Short films are also calling cards.”

“Glory at Sea” made the festival circuit run and put the filmmakers on the radars of the right people at exactly the right time, particularly a non-profit organization called Cinereach, whose representatives were so impressed with “Glory at Sea” that they pledged aid for Zeitlin’s next project, whatever it may be. Gottwald called this relationship an absolute stroke of luck, something that never happens to first time independent filmmakers. Cinereach kept their word and rolled with every strange decision, from casting non-actors, to having the cast and crew live on location, immersed within the community, to shooting tiny, Vietnamese pot bellied pigs as the beasts rather than opting for CGI.

In return, Court 13 is actively seeking opportunities to give back. Of the many projects on the table now, Gottwald spoke of a non profit, educational endeavor currently in the works among his Court 13 colleagues centered around providing after school programs for children within the community that became home for the crew during filming.


Oh behalf of the VCUarts Cinema department, we extend our warmest thanks to Michael Gottwald for sharing his experiences with the next generation of filmmakers, and making our weekly Cinematheque screening extra special!

Feb 2013 27

The New Yorker published a very nice article on Dr. Tregenza’s screening this week. Click the link below to redirect to The New Yorker.

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Feb 2013 04

VCUarts Cinema had the pleasure of hosting the Production Assistant Training Seminar led by Kenny Chaplin. P.A.T.S. is a nationally recognized training program designed to prepare participants for work on professional films sets.

Dec 2012 12

Behind the Scenes of In the Sand from VCUarts Cinema on Vimeo.

Oct 2012 19

That’s a wrap on “In the Sand!”

Jabari Jackson returns to his childhood inner-city neighborhood an Iraq War veteran, covered in scars. As he slowly slips back into daily life working construction, hanging out with his buddy Edwin, Jackson begins to recognize that the scars he’s brought home are more than skin deep.


Directed by Daniel Ardura, written by Miles Coulton-Thompson, produced by Marlee Kamis. Starring Nathan Walker, with Shawn Taylor, Chase Falco, Fred Motley, Timeka Scott, and Khawaja Aziz.


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