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Second Majors

Because filmmakers need to know something to make films about, we require that Cinema students pursue a second major within the College of Humanities and Science.  VCU offers many fields to select from for a second major.  Because students cannot initially be admitted into more than one major, students would add the second major during the fall semester of the first year.

A second major can be valuable for a filmmaker: the more you learn about other fields, the more interesting your films will probably be. It simply depends on your interests. If screenwriting or directing is what you’re most interested in, then perhaps English, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, or Religious Studies might be good. If producing and the business aspects of filmmaking are your interests, then Economics would be a good bet. If you’re interests are more political, then History, International Studies, or Political Science would be worth doing. If the “look” or style of a film is a passion, then Art History would be helpful.

We’re open to your proposing to us a coherent combination of non-arts courses to complete 2 minors, that will allow you to explore fields you’re interested in without having a formal second major. If what you propose and your reasons for wanting to do this are compelling, we’ll support what you want to do.

The following are examples of second-major options:

Film + Business Administration and Management
Film + Economics
Film + English
Film + French
Film + History
Film + Philosophy
Film + Political Science
Film + Psychology
Film + Religious Studies
Film + Sociology

Curriculum for Second Majors

At least 45 credit hours must be taken at the 300-400 level.

Note: Double major
A double major is the concurrent fulfillment of the requirements of two majors. To earn a degree with two majors, the student must complete the courses required in each major, any collateral/prerequisite courses required for both majors and the general education requirements of the primary major.

The primary major is the major that appears on the transcript as the degree awarded and the second major will appear as an accompanying note. One diploma is awarded and both majors will appear on the student’s academic record.

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