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Transfer/Change of Major

Cinema Program

Admission to the Cinema program is highly competitive and is based on high school GPA, SAT or ACT scores, advanced placement courses, VCU and other college GPA especially in GE courses, and an essay demonstrating a strong interest in filmmaking as well as interest in other fields that will become the basis for a second major.

Students in Cinema are required to also enroll in a second major or two minors, generally selected from Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) programs in the College of Humanities & Science or the School of Business. These second majors require the investment of considerable (and traditional) academic effort, which can be substantially different from the student expectations for BFA programs.

The second and third years of the Cinema curriculum require a year-round program of Fall, Spring, and Summer terms. Several weeks of vacation are available in those years at the end of each semester and summer term.

Production work in Cinema is only offered during the 8-week Summer term Production Intensives.

All production courses in Cinema focus exclusively on digital technology and no work with traditional 8- or 16-millimeter film (traditional celluloid film) is provided.

Students who have some reasonable competency in a foreign language from study during their high school years are encouraged to continue development of those skills while pursuing the Cinema major.

Cinema provides only one-third of total course work in film or film-related courses. In contrast, the BFA in Film provides nearly twice the amount of course work in film or film-related courses as the BA degree. (For animation and experimental video BFA, see Kinetic Imaging. For documentary and narrative film BFA, see Photography & Film.)

Transfer Applicants

Transfer applicants (those transferring from another institution), click here for application requirements. Click on the dropdown menu at the bottom of that page and select Cinema.

Change of Major Applicants

If you are currently enrolled at VCU and would like to change your major to Cinema, begin the process by clicking here.