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Why Study Art History?

VCUarts students who major in art history are intellectually curious about the world. They come to understand it as a vast array of time and place; populated by people who make, collect, and contemplate aesthetically charged objects; and filled with artworks that resonate with various cultures, ideas, rebellions, and traditions.

Students who major in art history enjoy conducting visual analyses, especially whilst standing face-to-face with original works of art that reside in museums, galleries, sacred buildings, or public spaces around the globe. They also have an ambition to refine their communication skills in order to describe accurately and to interpret appropriately what they see.

That being said, not all undergraduate art history majors aspire to become art historians or to pursue advanced academic credentials. Many VCU art history undergraduate students are double majors, or they minor in art history, while completing degrees in graphic design, business, history, fashion merchandising or design, cinema, religious studies, world studies, or studio art. The one thing they hold in common is the belief that art history enriches their lives regardless of their personal and professional pursuits.


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