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Open Late 05.3.13

Spring Cleaning in the Sponge HQ with an eyeful of loose ends tied up, a brand new beehive, live silk-screening, and glasses of honey-sweetened lemonade raised to our graduating Monitors.


Public Screening and Lecture and Pancake Breakfast


SP Weather Station
Natalie Campbell & Heidi Neilson
in collaboration with VCUarts Art Foundation Students

Saturday, April 21st, 11AM
Anderson Gallery, 3rd floor
907 1/2 W. Franklin St.



Nephology, or the study of clouds, has long been tied to field observation
and particularly to photography.  The first International Cloud Atlas,
published in 1896, contained 28 photographs taken by the Hon. Ralph
Abercromby, a wealthy British gentleman who circumnavigated the globe twice,
taking photographs to prove that cloud types are consistent worldwide.  As a
classification tool, photography has forever changed how clouds are
perceived and represented. And now we have satellite imagery and other tools
to visualize clouds and weather patterns.

During a workshop at  VCUarts April 19-21, SP Weather Station (Natalie Campbell
and Heidi Neilson) will collaborate with students in Hope Ginsburg’s Time
Studio course to stage Weather Mass Movement Parts 1 & 2, a collectively
constructed time lapse animation illustrating changes in the sky that take
place over time.  Following the student workshops on April 19th, SP Weather
Station will present photos and video of this work-in-progress and discusses past
works by SPWS and its collaborators that find new ways to represent or
reflect upon weather data and unseen natural forces.

Co-founded by artists Natalie Campbell and Heidi Neilson in 2007, SP Weather
Station is an interdisciplinary project that collects weather data, hosts a
Guest Lecture Series, and organizes weather-related publications, events,
and exhibitions. As an informal umbrella organization, SPWS invites
participation from many other artists, groups, and weather enthusiasts,
while maintaining a rooftop station base in Long Island City, New York.

CUE Art Foundation

Hope Ginsburg at CUE Art Foundation in New York will feature installations from forays into the worlds of science, design and craft generated by the Sponge project from 2009 through 2011.

Renovating Walden

Sponge Felt boots were included in the exhibition Renovating Walden from September 9 to November 14, 2010 at the Tufts University 
Tisch Gallery.

A Sponge for Curiouser

A Sponge for Curiouser, VCUarts’ 2010 joint meeting of SECAC and MACAA

Other Pedagogies and the Phlyum Porifera

This inaugural one-day Sponge workshop and follow-up panel welcomed participants from Curiouser, the 2010 joint MACAA and SECAC conference at VCUarts. Sponge participants engaged with artist-thinker-researchers that are reinventing school, classes and knowledge transfer. And since discipline-bending and biological metaphor are encoded in the Sponge project itself, we heard from two biologists who study this porous phylum and we’ll travel to a sponge research lab at the University of Richmond to see our model creatures up close.

The HQ was thrilled to welcome visiting-participants from the fields of art, digital media, education and biology. For the full scoop, please visit:

Sponge: School to Farm

Maine College of Art; Portland, Maine
June 22-27, 2010

Farm to School Sponge at MECA, June 2010

Directed by Adriane Herman, artist and printmaker extraordinaire, the felt rugs that were made during the Farm to School Sponge this past June were screen printed with all of the participants’ topics. The two rugs have found homes at the sites of the workshop: the MECA MFA headquarters and R’s Farm (belonging to Rhoda Herrick) in Maine. To see images from this event, please visit Hope’s Flickr page.

Radical Apiary

Mildred Lane; Beach Lake, PA
June 17-20, 2010

Makers Market

Socrates Sculpture Park; Long Island City, NY
June 4-6, 2010

Science Fair

Flux Factory; Long Island City, NY
June 5-13, 2010

I Am Amen

Austin Peay State University; Clarksville, TN
February 15-17, 2010