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Colablablab is an experiment in Curricular Ecology. Offered through the VCUarts Painting and Printmaking Department, organized with the VCU Department of Biology and hosted at Sponge HQ. Colablablab is a visual art studio and seminar organized around the study of biology. The class is a collaboration between art and science students. Colablablab students and their instructor take a Biological Concepts lecture and lab section together. The class takes a class. Colablablab is a “metalab,” a lab about a lab.

Colablablab took place during the Spring 2010 and Fall 2011 semesters.  Stay tuned for the next offering.

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Sponge Felt

Sponge HQ houses a fully-equipped wool feltmaking studio. The interlocking of animal fibers that constructs a piece of natural felt is an apt analogy for the fitting-together of topics in a Sponge event. Because of its conceptual and structural relationship with the project, along with the relative simplicity of the process, felting has been included as a hands-on component in Sponge workshops since they began. Felt objects are also foremost among the material manifestations of the project and have taken the form of wool felt mittens, boots, sea-sponges and kitchen sponges. Stay tuned for upcoming feltmaking workshops.