Transfer Applicants: Theatre


Review Your Deadlines

For Fall semesters:
January 16 – Deadline for admission

For Spring semesters:
November 1 – For Theatre technical tracks only

VCUarts continues to review applications until all spots are filled. Transfer applicants who submit complete applications by the deadline for the Fall semester will receive a decision by June 1st.

Determine the email address you will use for your VCU correspondence

Please ensure it stays active for at least one year, as we will use it to communicate with you throughout the application process. Use the same email address for all VCU business. Check your email frequently for updates on the status of your application.

Submit the Online Application to VCU

Applicants must use VCU’s online application for admission found here:

Applicants may only submit one application to ONE major. Admitted students can request additional major/minor(s) during their first semester.

Submit your official transcripts

Transfer applicants must submit an official transcript from each accredited college or university attended, including summer schools. If fewer than 30 semester (45 quarter) hours have been completed, applicants must also submit high school transcripts.

All foreign transcripts must be official and submitted in the original language. If the original language is not English, an official translation must be submitted along with the transcript.

Transcripts must arrive in sealed envelopes signed across the seal by official high school, university or college registrars.

The Transcript Information form (PDF) can be downloaded here:

Transcripts should be sent to:

Office of Admissions
PO Box 842526
Richmond, VA 23284-2526

Submit your official test scores

SAT or ACT scores are required for students younger than 22 and/or have completed fewer than 30 college level credits.

Only official scores will be accepted. Electronic scores from the CollegeBoard or ACT are preferred.

Request your SAT scores from CollegeBoard (school code: 5570):

Request your scores from ACT (school code: 4379):

Schedule your audition

Once your application has been submitted, a link to schedule your audition will be sent to the email address listed on your application.

All Theatre VCU applicants, including Performance, Design/Technology, Stage Management, will be interviewed by one or more faculty members. The purpose of the interview is to allow faculty members to get to know more about the applicant’s interests, commitment and communication skills. This interview is an important part of the application process. Applicants should be prepared to discuss their recent theatre activities, career goals, as well as personal goals and experiences.

Audition Dates:

  • December 8, 2017 (12–6pm)
  • January 26, 2018 (12–6pm)
  • February 2, 2018 (12–6pm)
  • February 9, 2018 (12–6pm)
  • February 16, 2018 (12–6pm)

Performance Applicants: Prepare for your audition

Prepare two contrasting (one comedic and one dramatic) one-minute monologues from published play scripts. Choose something in an appropriate age range that does not contain a dialect. Secure assistance in the preparation of audition materials.

Be sure to bring a resume and headshot to the audition. Introduce the audition pieces by only the play’s author, title and the character’s name (background on the scene or plot is not necessary). Maintain a positive attitude, dress professionally yet comfortably and, most importantly – have fun!

We find that the following playwrights are generally overdone or are more difficult for high school seniors to deliver successfully: Mamet, O’Neill, Pinter, Shakespeare, Shepard and Williams.

Stage Management Applicants: Prepare your production prompt book or portfolio

Stage management applicants are required to prepare a production prompt book as part of the interview process. If an applicant does not have a prompt book or desires to present additional information, then the applicant should prepare a portfolio. The portfolio should consist of (12-16 images) of theatrical work (paperwork, show designs, etc).

Costume Design, Lighting Design and Scene Design Applicants: Submit your portfolio

After your application has been received and processed by VCU, you will receive an email with a link to the supplemental materials upload site. Your portfolio must be submitted online. We cannot accept physical submissions.

Submit 12 to 16 works of art that you have created within the past two years that show your promise in visual art and design. Present your strongest work and demonstrate your potential to develop a diverse set of skills and ideas. We prefer to see a diverse range of 2D and 3D media. Drawing from observation is recommended, while copying anime, cartoons, graffiti or tattoos is discouraged.

Images may be submitted in the following formats: .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF, .TIF, .TIFF, .BMP, .TGA

Videos may be submitted in the following formats: .M4V, .MOV, .MP4, .WMV, .TLV, .ASF, .MPEG, .MPG, .MKV

All videos must be less than 3 minutes. The total maximum time for all moving images cannot exceed 5 minutes.

Your portfolio should be submitted by February 15.

Submit your references

VCUarts applicants are required to have one online reference submitted by their recommender of choice. Choose the person best qualified to assess your ability to be successful at VCUarts. Preferably, your recommender will be your art teacher. If you did not have an art teacher, please select a counselor or employer who is able to assess your abilities.

You will be prompted to enter the email address(es) of your recommender(s) as part of the supplemental materials upload site. The system will then prompt your recommender(s) to submit a letter of recommendation online. Be sure to notify your recommenders that you will list them. After your online application has been submitted and processed, we will email you your log-in to the supplemental materials upload site.

International Applicants

Be sure to review additional requirements on the Global Education Office website.

Check your Status

Be sure to login to your VCU VIP page periodically to monitor your application checklist and status. VCU Admissions will send you an email with instructions on how to log in to your VIP page. If this is your first time logging in, please create a VCU VIP account.

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