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Set in the capital city of Doha, VCUQatar is part of a global community of nine international universities.

At this international school for art and design, budding fashion designers, art historians, painters, graphic designers, printmakers and interior designers are discovering and honing their talents, as they experience a VCUarts education 7,000 miles away. VCUQatar also collaborates with VCUarts Richmond, through semester exchange programs for rising juniors and seniors.

About 300 students are enrolled at this sister campus, which focuses on the liberal arts and sciences with degrees in the arts and design.

Since VCUQatar opened, the school has been very involved in the development of Qatar’s emerging design industry, helping to further the creative economy in this Middle Eastern country. VCUQatar regularly hosts Tasmeem Doha, the biennial international art and design conference, attracting speakers and artists from across the world.

VCUQatar was the first American college built in Doha’s “Education City.” We’re now neighbors with the Qatar campuses of Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Georgetown, Northwestern, Texas A&M, HEC Paris and University College London.

VCUQatar Majors

  • Art History B.A.
  • Fashion Design B.F.A.
  • Graphic Design B.F.A.
  • Interior Design B.F.A.
  • Painting + Printmaking BFA
  • Design, M.F.A.

Semester Exchange


Every year up to 10 students are selected from a pool of applicants to study in Doha for a semester. This opportunity is open to rising juniors and seniors in the following majors: Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Art History and Painting + Printmaking. Other majors may be able to participate with approval. For questions and deadlines, please contact Jody Symula at

Shared Art History Course


Students can participate in a semester of learning together by registering for Islamic Art Survey, ARTH 260. This online course engages students from both campuses.

Islamic Art Symposium

November 2-4, 2017

VCUQatar co-sponsors the biennial Hamad bin Khalifa Symposium on Islamic Art with VCUarts and Qatar Foundation. The conference is held every two years in various locations of historical significance to Islamic art and design. VCUQatar and VCUarts students majoring in Art History have the opportunity to attend and introduce distinguished speakers.

Annual VCUQatar Day

October 2017

A student initiated program, Qatar Day is an annual event at VCU that features art and design projects from the Doha campus and traditional aspects of Qatari and Arab culture, such as henna, Arabic calligraphy, traditional Qatari clothing, etc. The event was developed to strengthen the relationship between the two campuses and provides Richmond students and faculty with an opportunity to learn more about the Qatar campus.

Tasmeem Doha

March 15-16, 2017

VCUQatar hosts the biennial design conference, Tasmeem, which presents contemporary topics on art and design and brings international designers, artists, academics and industry professionals in for a week of innovation and dialogue.

During Tasmeem, students take part in workshops to discover firsthand the value of intensive collaboration and creative output. Over the years, the ambitious themes of Tasmeem have gained the university widespread attention and praise, while fostering sustainable university-community partnerships that enhance the educational, economic and cultural vitality of Qatar.

Tasmeem Doha 2017: Analogue Living in a Digital World aims to dialog with art and design’s leading thinkers, educators and practitioners whose ideas transcend media and speak to our human existence in a technological society. The intent of this conference is to explore the intersection between the analogue and digital within the context of our lived experience, and to examine where the two modes differ, intertwine, and coexist. By looking at past and present art and design methodologies and practices, we endeavor to create a context for examining the relevance of our current attitudes to discover new ways to grow and evolve.

Select VCUarts students are identified to participate. The criteria used to select students varies from year to year, and the selection process is run by each department.