You have talent. We have space.

VCUarts’ facilities range from converted turn-of-the-century buildings to warehouses to performance venues and repurposed retail spaces, dotted throughout the campus. Our spaces are designed to be flexible and to accommodate all kinds of creativity.

Bowe Street Deck

First year visual artists enrolled in the Art Foundation program have exclusive access to 609 Bowe Street, a 30,000-square-foot active working environment that houses studios, computer labs, academic advisors, a woodshop, media room and a hallway that doubles as a constantly changing exhibition space.

Fine Arts Building

The FAB, as it’s known, houses the departments of Craft/Material Studies, Painting + Printmaking and Sculpture + Extended Media.

Dance + Choreography Building

1315 Floyd Avenue contains instructional space and the administrative offices of the Department of Dance + Choreography.

The Depot

The Depot houses a coffee shop, a sound stage, a motion capture studio and ample space for interdisciplinary projects. The Depot Annex, behind the main Depot building, houses Kinetic Imaging and a studio for Dance + Choreography.

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Franklin Terrace

The building boasts the Department of Kinetic Imaging’s computer labs for video, animation, sound and 3D work, and a green screen room. The Department of Art Education and the Department of Communication Arts are also housed in the building. Additionally, Art Foundation Program classes are offered at VCU’s historic Franklin Terrace building.

James W. Black Music Center

The James W. Black Music Center is home to the VCU Department of Music’s Recital Hall (pictured), and classrooms, studio practice areas and faculty offices.

Pollak Building

The Pollak Building is home to the VCUarts administrative offices. Pollak also houses classrooms, an awesome green roof, laboratories and faculty offices for Cinema, Fashion Design + Merchandising, Graphic Design, Interior Design and Photography + Film.

Shafer Street Playhouse

The Shafer Street Playhouse includes a design studio, three large rehearsal and performance spaces used by the theatre department, and a 150-seat theater.

W.E. Singleton Center for the Performing Arts

The W.E. Singleton Center houses the administrative offices of the music and theatre departments. It features a concert hall and modern theater, rehearsal rooms, seminar room, dance and movement studios and a large theater workshop.